5 Productivity Hacks For You & Your Startup

Startup life is hectic. There’s so much to do, and so little time to do it. Your productivity is directly affected by how efficient you are on organizing your day.

Here are five proven hacks to boost your productivity and get back your time:

1. Keep everything in a single place

Consolidating personal and company tasks & projects in single place is a great way to boost productivity. The less time you spend switching between tools, notebooks and post-its, the more time you get to get stuff done. This master list will help you stay tidy.

2. Prioritize your day first thing in the morning

Take a few mins to prioritize your day while you sip your morning coffee. Figure out what’s important and prioritize accordingly. A rule I like to follow is to add the three most important or tedious tasks early in the day, this way even if you get little done the rest of the day you got the important stuff done.

3. Cut back on meetings

Team meetings, skype meetings, hangouts, anything. Cut back on them. Meeting times are usually the least productive times in our day. Have quick meetings, even better send a quick email or slack and move along.

4. Delegate

The perfectionist in you will probably want you to do everything, but we all have to learn how to delegate. Find a place in your new master list to delegate to your teammates or colleagues. It’s vital that you write what you delegate down, which leads me to our next hack.

5. Keep track

One of the reasons we don’t like to delegate is because we feel like we loose control. A quick solution is to keep track of who you delegated which task to. A delegated task without follow up is just dust in the wind. Keep yourself & your team accountable.

You can follow these simple 5 tips daily to stay focused, organized and accountable. Do you have any other productivity hacks you’d like us to include in this blog? If so, let us know in the comments.

Stay focused, stay productive.

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