June 2015

An Unexpected Product Hunt and Beta List Launch

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We’ve been working on Taskware for the past six months, we still have had a few weeks to go before officially launching & starting our marketing efforts. Last Sunday I got an email: BetaList featured us on their homepage. On Monday someone posted us on ProductHunt and we were featured.

Panic mode. ‘Crap, we’re not ready for this’.

Fortunately, our invite system is still up and running and we’ve started to invite people slowly. We want to make sure our servers handle everything well and our on-boarding experience is ready.

Being Open

Taskware started as an in-house task an team management tool at Ideaware. We shared it with a few of our clients and eventually decided to release it as a SAAS product. The app & experience has evolved since we built the first version a while back.

We’re committed to being very open in terms of what we’re doing and our growth numbers. This is our first open post, of many to come.

The numbers

320 people Signed up from BetaList and around 300 more signed up from ProductHunt. Added to our current waiting list, we now have around 900 invites to give out. Some of you have received them, the rest will be on their way over the next two weeks. We’re now averaging around 25 new signups a day.

First impressions

We’ve received great and honest feedback from our first group of users. We’ve also been working daily on small improvements for everyone to find the interface and experience top-notch.

Who we’re building this for

Taskware is a very easy to use task and team management tool. We’ve tried really hard to think different in terms of all other tools out there. We think startups, agencies and small teams will find Taskware very useful.

Here’s how it works:

What’s next

The team is working hard on wrapping up our last few items on our to-do list and roll out all invites. Everyone on our waiting list will receive a 30-day trial period.

Over the next two weeks we will roll out all invite codes. After which we want to be in touch with you and get your feedback & feature requests.

Our public release date is not set, but we are aiming somewhere over the next 4-5 weeks.

If you want an invite, please request one here.

Thank you!

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5 Productivity Hacks For You & Your Startup

Startup life is hectic. There’s so much to do, and so little time to do it. Your productivity is directly affected by how efficient you are on organizing your day.

Here are five proven hacks to boost your productivity and get back your time:

1. Keep everything in a single place

Consolidating personal and company tasks & projects in single place is a great way to boost productivity. The less time you spend switching between tools, notebooks and post-its, the more time you get to get stuff done. This master list will help you stay tidy.

2. Prioritize your day first thing in the morning

Take a few mins to prioritize your day while you sip your morning coffee. Figure out what’s important and prioritize accordingly. A rule I like to follow is to add the three most important or tedious tasks early in the day, this way even if you get little done the rest of the day you got the important stuff done.

3. Cut back on meetings

Team meetings, skype meetings, hangouts, anything. Cut back on them. Meeting times are usually the least productive times in our day. Have quick meetings, even better send a quick email or slack and move along.

4. Delegate

The perfectionist in you will probably want you to do everything, but we all have to learn how to delegate. Find a place in your new master list to delegate to your teammates or colleagues. It’s vital that you write what you delegate down, which leads me to our next hack.

5. Keep track

One of the reasons we don’t like to delegate is because we feel like we loose control. A quick solution is to keep track of who you delegated which task to. A delegated task without follow up is just dust in the wind. Keep yourself & your team accountable.

You can follow these simple 5 tips daily to stay focused, organized and accountable. Do you have any other productivity hacks you’d like us to include in this blog? If so, let us know in the comments.

Stay focused, stay productive.